Tailgating Ideas on Instagram

Instagram Logo

We went ahead and did it. Last week we announced that Tailgating Ideas is now on Pintrest and many of you responded by following our pin boards over there. Our latest announcement is that we have also joined Instagram.

For those unfamiliar with Instagram, it is a lot like Twitter in that it is micro-blogging with short, quick messages but the main difference is it is done with photo taken by mobile phones. Basically it is a picture sharing venue so you can keep up with your friends or interests (like tailgating) with photos online or via a mobile app.

The world is moving towards mobile devices more and more. Smart phones and tablets are the wave of the future and Instagram is keeping pace by allowing people to share their photos in a fast and convenient way. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words so by using Instagram, we won’t need to be so verbose.

Check us out on Instagram and follow our photos. We go to a lot of fun places and see a lot of interesting things. Invariably those things will make it up in Instagram.