Twailgate: Mobile Tailgating App

Twailgate Header Banner For quite a while now we have been telling you about all the cool little gadgets that make your tailgating experience a little more easy and comfortable. We’ve also been telling you in the past about those mobile phone apps that might be of interest to tailgaters. Now there is a mobile app that is aimed just at tailgaters that combines the fun and social aspect of tailgating and integrates it with Twitter for a better overall game day communications system. It’s called Twailgate.

Twailgate is a smart phone app that is designed to work on the most popular touchscreen mobile devices including iPhone, Android phones and even the iPad. Because Twailgate is a mobile optimized website that works across mobile phone platforms, you won’t find it in Apple iTunes or the Android Marketplace. You can use it on your smart phone by visiting Just fire up your browser on your smart phone, navigate to the location and register for a free account. Or you could just visit on your iPhone or Droid and from there click on the link that takes you directly to it.

So what is Twailgate all about? Not only does it integrate the fun aspect of tailgating like meeting a new tailgating neighbor but it also has some great functionality tailgaters will enjoy. If you are typically the first tailgater in your crew to park and save the spot, use Twailgate to plant your flag on the integrated GPS mapping system. That way late arrivals can see where exactly you are parked without having to call you and you verbally guide them into where you parked. The “plant flag” function allows for one touch positioning based on your exact location. This function will be invaluable for tailgaters traveling on the road as a visiting fan. Visiting fans can take a look on the map and determine what section of the parking lot they want to park in to be near other fans who are also from out of town or root for their same team.

The real power of Twailgate is the Twitter integrated messaging system. With the explosion of Twitter and the widespread use of the now popular social networking medium, it is hard to locate like-minded Twitter users. Twailgate allows users to communicate directly to others in their own stadium parking lots. It does not matter if a person uses Twitter or not, all users on Twailgate can communicate within the same network. Twailgate users can choose to post messages only within the Twailgate mobile app framework or they can access their Twitter account and publish Tweets on Twitter and Twailgate simultaneously. By creating this intra-stadium parking lot messaging system, those using Twailgate can connect with other like-minded fans that they never knew were out there.

The messaging function allows for Twailgaters to toggle back and forth between reading messages that are posted globally amongst all of those using Twailgate or locally within the one mile radius of the users’ location at the stadium. By using the geo-centric function, tailgaters can ask others using Twailgate if anyone hasĀ  extra tickets to sell. If you forgot the mustard at home, post a message on Twailgate to see if someone parked close to you can spare some. Made too much jambalaya and don’t want to take it home? Post a message on Twailgate and see how many hungry tailgaters come by looking to help you out. The possibilities are endless as to what messages can be broadcast and seen all within your specific location.

So you’re probably saying, “sounds really cool, but what does it cost?”. That’s the best part. This mobile app is absolutely, 100% free. You just download the app, create a free account and you are off and running. Kind of hard to beat that. To learn more about the Twailgate mobile tailgating app, please visit: If you are into social networking, you can follow Twailgate on Twitter.

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