Video: Dead Tree Crew Cutting Room Floor

You may recall back in January, HBO did a slam piece focusing on the excessive consumption of alcohol at NFL games. The opening of the segment with the Dead Tree Crew showed how hard the DTC parties. The Bryant Gumble piece had an agenda and it was to show what I call, “The Dark Side of Tailgating”. Their intent was to shock and appall many Americans into thinking that every NFL tailgater is a Crown Royal guzzling alcoholic that drives home blitz off their ass and is a danger to any motorist on the road. That is not the case and the HBO piece would have you think this is commonplace. It is not.

Big credit goes out to the Dead Tree Crew for releasing the footage they shot concurrently while the HBO cameras were rolling. Apparently the producer, Andrew Bennett, and the HBO editors didn’t feel it was necessary to include the mentions of sober drivers available to all the members of the DTC that did chose to drink that day. Apparently designated driver mentions didn’t fit their agenda and those comments conveniently found their way to the cutting room floor. Anyone else surprised by this?

Give the video a look and then tell me that all news magazine shows are unbiased and fair.


Way to go DTC for bringing this out and providing the full story. More people need to know you can party and have a good time while tailgating without being an endangerment and a menace to society.

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