The Dead Tree Crew Gets a New Logo

If you have been a regular reader of you already know we offer up much respect to the group of hardcore Washington Redskins tailgaters known as the Dead tree Crew, a.k.a. the “DTC”. Love them or hate them, you have to admit they are true tailgaters in that they show up early, have a great time and even stay and tailgate after the game is over. Just in time for the home opener at FedEx Field this Sunday, the DTC has also unveiled a new logo that will appear on all kinds of promotional materials such as shirts and banners they hang at their tailgate parties. Check it out:

New Dead Tree Crew Logo

Congrats guys on the new logo just in time for a new year of tailgating. The man that designed the logo is Forrest Mullikin, the Owner and Printmaster of Studio One Printing. Forrest Mullikin is also a DTC member and I am sure he will be tailgating this weekend.

So if you are at FedEx Field this Sunday and trying to find the DTC, you better do two things. 1) You better be wearing Redskins colors and gear. 2) Look for this new logo and a large group partying like, well, like it is the home opener and they haven’t been able to tailgate in eight months. Have fun DTCers.