Parking Lot of Dreams

In the winter months I like to watch old, favorite movies.  Last weekend I watched the classic “Field of Dreams.”  As with everything in life the movie got me to thinking.  And since I am writing about this on this site, well it’s easy to guess that the movie got me thinking about tailgating.

I am a sports fanatic.  I love (OK maybe obsess over) the home teams and going down to the stadium to cheer them on .  But I truly believe that my “field of dreams” is the parking lot outside the stadiums on Broad Street in Philadelphia.   Some of my happiest moments in life were spent in that parking lot.   Talk about enjoying the simple things in life.  Give me a blacktop and space to set up a chair, cooler, and grill….heaven to this guy.

If I were to close my eyes right now I could think back to so many great memories that happened in that parking lot.  Memories that belong to me and the people closest to me.  I can picture myself, my dad, or my wife over the years.  I can picture the old cars, grills, jerseys, chairs, and favorite parking spots.  I can replay favorite conversations or just sitting in silence that is perfect.  I can erase a bad moment or stressful situation by thinking ahead to the upcoming Phillies season and lighting the first cigar of the baseball season at about 4:30pm on April 2, 2011.

Even when I am not down at the lot it brings a smile to my face.  When I drive by the parking lot on the way to the airport for a crappy business trip my head fills with flashbacks of sitting in the parking lot in my Eagles camping chair, the way too old red cooler sitting in the trunk filled with beer and meats for grilling, dad’s box of cigars nestled in the back corner of the trunk, and not wanting to be anywhere else in the world.

Yep, the parking is magical to this guy.  Others may think I (or we) are crazy but those people aren’t tailgaters.

Life can truly be a bitch at times.  But if you have that perfect place to escape to, well, life is pretty damn sweet as well.  They built the parking and I came and I can’t wait to go back again and again!