When Did Saturday Become Monday – Friday

I sure in the hell was not looking for it.  Or maybe I just suffered some memory loss since last NFL season.  Regardless, it hit me hard today and I was not a happy person.  I’ve found a down side to the NFL and Sunday tailgating.

As a kid I always wondered why my dad loved doing nothing so much on Sundays.  Why did dad want to do absolutely nothing but sit back, drink a beer, enjoy some good grub, and light a few cigars while watching the game?  Now that I am an adult I know the answer.  Life loves to kick your ass, even on Saturday.

Saturday has become just another day that I am busting my ass to get things done.  This time it isn’t the boss giving me a to-do list it’s the wife.  If you are a football fan and have a family, your Saturday is probably a lot like mine.

If you are headed down to the tailgate lot tomorrow, your weekend to get things done has been cut in half.  Instead of pacing yourself to get things done around the house, with the family, and around town, it’s an all out blitz on Saturday.  (If you are still enjoying the bachelor life…good bless you!)

Goodbye sleeping in on Saturday!  It’s up early to start the chores.  Then it’s dealing with all the crazies on the road as you head out to get this and that.  To make yourself feel a little bit better about all the crap you are eating and drinking on Sunday you even get a workout in.  It’s late afternoon and you think you are done.  Wrong, it’s time to take the significant other out so she cuts you some slack when you become a football waste on Sunday.

But in the end it’s all worth it.  Saturday just makes you love football and tailgating on Sunday even more.  When you crack open that first beer at 8am on Sunday it’s true nirvana.  Even the uncomfortable camping chair feels like heaven.  Annoying people become tolerable.  Even a loss by the home team can be dealt with.

So go nuts tomorrow to make up for the wrong kind of going nuts on Saturday.  Sorry to cut this short, but it’s time to go back to work…even on a Saturday!