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We all have those standard folding utility tables that we take tailgating. They are useful, practical and durable. The one thing they aren’t; appealing to the eye. Covering them up with a standard tablecloth is tough because they stain easily or they blow off if it is windy. Plus, who wants the standard red checkered table cloth that looks more like your grandma’s picnic blanket than a tailgating tablecloth.

We recently discovered TableTopIt. It’s a tablecloth that fits snuggly onto 6′ utility tables. Its elasticized construction allows for the cloth to hug the corner of a standard-size folding table, preventing it from slipping off. The best part, they have team licensing so you can transform your tailgating table into a football gridiron and has your favorite team’s logo.

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As you saw in the video, the elastic on the TableTopIt resembles a fitted sheet. It hugs the corners and the edges of your 6′ utility table so that the tablecloth lays flat and taught against your table. It is also spill and satin resistant because the manufacturer understands tailgaters can sometimes drip or spill while out in the parking lot.

We had a chance to test out the TableTopIt the other weekend prior to the San Diego Chargers vs. the Cleveland Browns game. It was a little rainy and windy that day but as you can see from the photos, the table resisted the water and stayed tight around the corners of the table even in the wind.

We had a few samples with us so we decided to share another sample with one of our tailgating neighbors. You can see in the above photos, they put it on their table and loved it.  They then asked us where did we get it. We are going to take that response as a “Tailgate Approved” from our longtime tailgating neighbors we have parked next to for the past seven years.

To answer that question, you can buy the TableTopIt from, drum roll

Priced at $29.99, these tablecloths will not only last you for the season but well into next season. Spilled something on it? Just throw it in the washer with your jersey that probably has the same BBQ sauce on it and it will be good to go for the next time. Playing beer pong on a TableTopIt is also a good choice because the cups will not slide like they do on a regular table from the condensation dripping down the sides and bottom of the cups.

Even though we were given samples of the San Diego Chargers TableTopIt, they have all the NFL teams including a Super Bowl 50 design. The Super Bowl 50 TableTopIt would be perfect for your homegate in February no matter if your team is playing in the Super Bowl or not. They also make a generic football field design if you just love football but don’t have a favorite NFL team.

Priced right at $29.99, the TableTopIt fits right in at any tailgate party or even your home watch parties for when your team is on the road. The best part is that if you order a TableTopIt via their online store, use the coupon code “tailgatingideas”, and you’ll get 10% off your purchase. Just enter “tailgatingideas” in the coupon section during check-out and your discount will apply.

For more information or to see all the TableTopIt designs, visit: