Even More Options with Pong 360 Beer Pong Tables

Whether the tailgating nation (or the NFL) want to admit it, beer pong is exploding in popularity across the tailgating lots of America. So why not embrace the fact that beer pong is here to stay by offering those tailgaters more options on the types of playing surfaces they can bring to a tailgate party? That is why we have chosen to offer our readers the opportunity to purchase Pong 360 beer pong tables directly from our online tailgating store, Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com. Take a look at the different styles you can choose from. (Click on images to view larger size)

Pong 360 Beer Pong Tables was originally founded by a group of like-minded players with a passion for the sport of beer pong. After surveying what other beer pong table manufacturers had to offer in the way of table designs, they decided to create their own. As you can see from the images above, these are all 8′ x 2′ regular competition tables with a number of designs and themes to choose from. You can select from Super 8-Ball, Nightmare, Greens, Vixens, Beer Pong League or Galaxy themed tables. Aside from the unique designs, Pong 360 beer pong tables include a beer pong ball holder that holds six regulation sized balls underneath the table. Now you don’t have to worry about bringing your beer pong balls separately and accidentally forgetting them. Also, the sturdy hard plastic handles (unlike other beer pong tables which have canvas or cloth handles) make it easy to hold and carry when it is folded for transport.

Other features of Pong 360 beer pong tables includes an integrated rack design on the back of the table which allows you to play six or 10 cup games with a perfect rack setup every time. Even though the table weighs approximately 23 pounds, the aluminum used to construct it allows for a sturdy surface and is great for bouncers, if that is part of your game. The top surface of the Pong 360 beer pong table includes a melamine coating for easy clean up from all kinds of alcoholic or non-alcoholic liquids. And because you want to take it tailgating, it folds up into a compact 2′ x 2′ briefcase for ultimate portability. Also, you can use it as a table for flip cup or to set up your tailgate buffet food. Specs include:

Dimensions Open
• Length: 8′
• Width” 2′
• Height: 27.5”

Dimensions Closed
• Length: 2′
• Width: 5.5″
• Height: 2′

• 23 lbs.

Pong 360 also offers a 7′ table option which comes in the Galaxy color scheme. This table offers the same great features like strong plastic handles, beer pong ball holder, melamine coating, lightweight aluminum construction and the six to 10 cup racking design. The only major difference is that it is a foot shorter, about a pound lighter and folds in half instead of quarters like the 8′ tables from Pong 360. This shorter table, although not regulation length, might be a better option for tailgaters who are pressed for space in their tailgating vehicles.

You can buy Pong 360 beer pong tables directly from Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com for $129.99 + $20 flat rate shipping. That’s a total of $149.99 for those of you who struggled in math class or where too busy staring at the Homecoming Queen the day they taught simple addition. Choose your table design and you can be playing beer pong at your next tailgate party in no time. Click HERE to buy a Pong 360 beer pong table now.