GoPong Beer Pong Tables: Same Quality – Half The Price

I’ll admit it. I have seen more than my fair share of beer pong tables. I’ve tested and played on a number of different brands of beer pong tables to know what is good quality and what deserves no attention. I was recently introduced to a new beer pong table on the market from GoPong. So what is so special about a GoPong Beer Pong Table that sets it apart from all the other brands of portable beer pong tables? Simply stated, it is the exact same as those other guys but about half the price.


So how is it that those other beer pong table manufacturers are selling comparable aluminum, portable and folding beer pong tables for $129.99 and GoPong can sell them for almost half of that? I’m not 100% sure and you probably need to go ask those other guys why their prices are so high.

The fact is that almost all portable beer pong tables on the market are manufactured in China. The makers of GoPong have made it a point to have their beer pong tables manufactured in the same facilities as those other tables. In some cases, you can only tell the difference between the tables at the end when the final design and brand name go on the tables. By offering the GoPong portable beer pong table for significantly less, the makers are banking on they will still be a profitable business by selling in volume rather than charging the consumer high prices for high margins. I have my very own GoPong beer pong table and before I received it, I will admit I was a bit skeptical it would be of the same quality of other tables I have seen. In short, it was of the same quality and passed with flying colors.

As consumers we have been trained to think that a lower price means lower quality. After all, you get what you pay for is a motto many people subscribe to. When I broke it out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the GoPong table was a high quality, sturdy yet lightweight and portable beer pong table. Honestly, had someone placed a different brand name of beer pong table on the GoPong table I would have never questioned its integrity or quality of craftsmanship.

Another cost saving maneuver for the GoPong beer pong table is it is only available in one design; black with white lettering design. Sure, other beer pong table companies offer multiple designs but that only drives up their costs of having to warehouse and hold inventory in hopes someone buys their specific design. So if you are one of those discriminating beer pong players that needs a more spiffy design, I’ve discovered a way customize your GoPong beer pong table by using skins from Check out the video demonstration of how I customized my own GoPong beer pong table using Tailgate Packs.


If you chose to skip the video and prefer to read, simply put, the Tailgate Packs are perfect for turning the GoPong beer pong table into a beer pong table of your favorite team. So if you prefer a design that is not so “Plain Jane”, spruce it up using these Tailgate Packs from

The specs on the GoPong tables are:
• Size Unfolded: 8′ x 2′ x 27.5″ high (Regulation Size)
• Size Folded: 2′ x 2′ x 5″
• Weight: 21 lbs
• High strength aluminum frame
• Waterproof melamine surface
• Ergonomic carrying handles

So all this time we’ve been telling you how affordable they are. Now its your opportunity to buy one for less than $100. These tables sell for $74.95 +$25 shipping. That’s less than $100 delivered right to your door. Compare that to other beer pong tables that cost $129.99 and you haven’t even added in the shipping costs.

Why pay more for a beer pong table when you can get a GoPong table for much less and customize it any way you like? It’s a no brainer. Click to Buy the GoPong Beer Pong Table.