Zippo Outdoor Utility Lighter

Zippo Outdoor Utility Lighter Getting your tailgating grill lit is one of the more important things to do in the parking lot. After all, how are you going to cook that 10 pound bag of marinated chicken breasts without your grill on fire?

I have been asked countless of times in the parking lot by other tailgaters to borrow matches or a cigarette lighter so they could light their own grill. So instead of packing a box of kitchen matches or buying a cheap plastic cigarette lighter, why not get a lighter that was designed for tailgating?

I was recently sent a sample of the Zippo Outdoor Utility Lighter (OUL) and it worked quite well.

The thing I noticed when first taking it out of the box was the ergonomic design that fit well in my hand with the rubberized grip. The grip is heavy duty to the point where it will help protect the finish of the OUL when it is stored in your tailgating gear box with all your other stuff. I also liked the childproof ignition for two reasons. 1) its childproof and kids can’t get it ignited and play with it because it does take adult strength and coordination to depress both buttons simultaneously. 2) When stored in your gear box, it makes it virtually impossible for the Zippo OUL to get bumped and then turn itself on when in transit. That’s always a good thing because no one wants their gear box on fire while on their way to the game.

The Zippo OUL is refillable using a butane refill bottle. This is not a disposable item rather you buy it and take good care of it and it should last you many, many tailgating seasons. Also, the wind resistance is nice in that there is nothing more frustrating than trying to light your grill on a windy day. I personally tested the Zippo OUL on a windy day and it held its flame quite well considering the amount of wind we were experiencing that day. Lastly, it is made by Zippo, the most widely recognized brand name in the business, so you know these are made with quality you can trust.

Take a look at this video review that was put together by YouTube user cutlerylover


So here are some of the main features of the Zippo OUL:

  • Rubber grip
  • Rugged metal construction
  • Advanced ignition system
  • Fuel-level indicator
  • Adjustable flame
  • Patented child-resistant safety button
  • Ideal for tailgating or any other outdoor activity

Zippo Outdoor Utility Lighter

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