Have You Seen Super Beer Pong While Tailgating?

Today I came across a video which appears to be an attempt at promoting a new type of beer pong table. The tables are called “Super Beer Pong Tables” (I know, how original) and the main difference is that the rack of cups spins and moves back and forth along the table. To see it in action you have to sit through this 6 minute video. There are strippers from DeJa Vu in bikinis in the video so it is not a complete waste of your time. If you want to see how the tables operate, feel free to skip to the 3:00 minute mark .


I took the liberty to head over to their website, superbeerpongtable.com to see if there was more information on these things. Here is what I was able to gather.

The tables can be played while adhering to standard tournament beer pong rules where the cups are placed in the provided rack and placed on the back edge of the table. With the flick of an electric switch the table becomes ready to play “SUPER beer pong”. That is where the cups will spin and move back and forth along a center line in the middle of the table. You will use a standard 10 cup rack like the traditional tables utilize but the cups themselves will rotate in place and move closer and further away.

When assembled, the tables are 8′ x 2′ which is the standardized size requirements for tournament style beer pong tables. As you saw in the video, the tables are foldable and collapsable for ease of transport. Super Beer Pong Tables come equipped with an A/C adapter (A/C power outlet not included) in order to power the “Cup Mover”. Dimensions and specs of the tables are:

• Approximately 38 pounds
• 4 ft. x 2 ft. x 1 ft. (collapsed)
• 8 ft. x 2 ft. x 30 in. (expanded and ready for play)

The major drawback to Super Beer Pong Tables while tailgating would have to be the need for electrical power to make the “Cup Mover” rotate and slide back and forth. The website failed to mention how many watts the motors that make the cups move pull on the website but I would assume it can’t be too much. If you have an electric generator it should not be an issue to bring these tables tailgating. Depending on how much juice they pull, maybe a 12-volt power inverter might do the trick.

Another drawback I saw was the price. Because these aren’t your average folding beer pong tables and have a few more bells and whistles, you would imagine the price would be higher. The top of the line Super Beer Pong Table that includes rotation and linear motion will run you $800. The website does not say if that price includes shipping or they will tack that on at the end. If you wanted the low end table, the Electric Blue themed table which just rotates the cups on both sides will cost you $299.99. Again, no mention of shipping charges on that product.

If your tailgate has a form of electricity and a way to power up one of these, Super Beer Pong Tables might put a new spin on the old game of beer pong. Get more information from their official website, superbeerpongtable.com.

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