GoPong Pro Beer Pong Table

It is no secret we are big fans of the GoPong brand of beer pong tables when it comes to tailgating. GoPong was the one that made bringing a hard top beer pong table to the tailgating parking lot highly affordable without sacrificing quality.

When the guys at GoPong contacted us and told us they had a new beer pong table coming out, we were intrigued. After all, they already have the highly affordable GoPong standard black table and the Football themed beer pong table in both an eight foot and a four foot version. So what else could they come out with that we haven’t already seen?

Fact is, they came out with the GoPong Pro. A taller, more heavy duty, stronger and more sturdy beer pong table for those who are looking for something that is a bit more than your average beer pong table.

GoPong Pro woman comparison

Most “standard” beer pong tables are 8′ long x 2′ wide x 27.5″ tall. Those dimensions are considered to be official World Series of Beer Pong dimensions but honestly, those dimensions were determined by the beer pong table manufacturer that puts on the World Series of Beer Pong. The main difference with the GoPong Pro and all the other beer pong tables on the market is that it is 36″ tall. The construction and craftsmanship is a bit more heavy duty as well in that these tables were designed to handle a rougher style of play.

You probably have seen videos (many of those videos probably on this website) of people jumping on and destroying a regular beer pong table. Those tables do collapse and succumb to the abuses of a drunken tailgater quite easily. The GoPong Pro is designed to handle people sitting on it, although we would recommend you don’t. And please don’t go finding your buddy that weighs 400 pounds with the dysfunctional thyroid to go and sit on it and then email us that you broke one. Just know it is big enough and heavy duty enough to withstand the rigors of an intense game of beer pong.

We had a sample to try out and for fun we set it up next to a “standard” beer pong table so you can see the difference. We used a table that was manufactured by the now defunct EZ Pong company to represent the “standard” sized beer pong table.

As you can see in the gallery, the GoPong Pro folds in half in a four foot by two foot rectangle while the EZ Pong table folds into four quadrants of two foot by two foot. Because the GoPong Pro folds in half, the legs are one piece and do not require you to raise the table by pushing on those snapping buttons. The middle legs that form an “X”, unfold and extend as you open up the table. Despite being a bit bigger and only folding in half, the set up takes less time than the standard sized tables. All you have to do is unfold the two legs on the ends and place it on level ground.

Normally when a product is bigger and heavier than its competitors we tend to favor the original for tailgating purposes. We all know space is limited in a tailgating vehicle and portability and finding room for an item in a limited cargo area is key when going tailgating. Despite being a bit bigger, we liked the fact that the set up of the GoPong Pro was faster and easier than some of the smaller tables. If you have a little extra room in your car, the time you save setting it up at the parking lot would be well worth the space sacrifice in the car.

Regarding the price, we did some snooping online and found it for as cheap as $99 on Amazon. It says it is normally priced at 119.99 so we are unsure if this is a limited time sale price or not. Honestly if you compare that price to other beer pong tables on the market, that price may be even cheaper than those. We are unsure of how long that price will be valid so if you like what you are reading, you better pull the trigger before the price goes up.

Based on the price, quality of craftsmanship and the ease of set up and play, we are going to say the GoPong Pro is definitely “Tailgate Approved”.