Food’s-ON Tailgating Kit

Foods on backpack picnic setWhen it comes to tailgating, the outside elements can play havoc on the success and comfort of your tailgate party. If it’s too hot and sunny, we have pop-up tents to keep us cooler and in the shade. Same goes for those rainy or snowy tailgating days at the end of football season. But what about wind? Sidewalls on tailgating tents can work well but they still do not perform with flying colors when it comes to wind protection. The biggest victim of a windy tailgate is your food table, plates and cups. Tailgate during a nice, windy day and you’ll be spending more time chasing down paper plates and plastic cups that you’ll look more like an extra in the movie “Twister”.

I was recently introduced to Food’s ON picnic and tailgating products. Not only is the Food’s-ON Tailgating Kit wind resistant, it also employs “green” products that are biodegradable and good for the environment. Because your plates and cups won’t be flying away in a windy day, that also cuts down on wasted food and plates, thus helping the environment.

I had a chance to test out the Food’s-ON picnic six-pack and I will have to say it passed with flying (no pun intended) colors.


The patent pending Food’s-ON system is designed to keep everything on the table, even on the most blustery days. Food’s-ON holds the tablecloth in place and the unique design helps avoid messes and spills because plates and cups stick to the tablecloth. They won’t come off until you move them and no amount of wind will blow them off.

Food’s-ON is a completely self-contained picnic set for six and includes a reusable tablecloth, plates with plate holders and cups with cup holders. Also included are napkins, utensils and a biodegradable trash bag. Plus, the backpack includes its own ice chest.

The Food’s-ON six pack with backpack will cost you $39.99 plus $10 and is available from our online tailgating gear store, Buy the Food’s-ON Tailgating Kit now.