Stuck IN the Toilet

women's bathroom (international symbol)Image by ChrisDigitalâ„¢ via Flickr

What does this post have to do with tailgating…well not much.  The story didn’t happen in a parking lot Porta Potty (thankfully!), but in my defense any stories that involve a fan getting themselves stuck in a stadium toilet must be shared!

If nothing else you now have a story to share with your buddies at the next tailgate (and as a Phillies fan this Mets story will definitely be shared).

During a recent Mets game a fan accidentally had her gold tooth fall into the stadium toilet (thankfully for her she was not using an old Shea Stadium toilet).  Not one to just “flush” good money down the toilet the woman stuck her arm into the toilet to retrieve the gold tooth.

A quick in and out, right?  Wrong.

The lady’s arm then got stuck in the toilet.  Stadium security guards and emergency medical personnel tried to assist and free the arm, but failed.  Even the plumbing company who installed the toilet were called in to assist.

Eventually the woman was able to free her arm.  Unfortunately the gold tooth was not recovered.  As the article notes the woman ended up becoming more entertaining the the actual baseball game!

So I ask you fans, what possessions would make you go toilet diving?

Me personally I would say only a wedding ring would get me to make the plunge.  And course my first stop after the game would be to a local jewelers for a cleaning!