Tailgating Tip: Hit The Porta-Potty in the RV Section


One of the many complaints I hear from people about tailgating is how they hate having to use Porta-Potties while out in the tailgating lots. On top of that complaint is that as time wears on and more and people fill up the parking lot, the lines for the porta-potties can be unbearable. I should know. I once paid $50 to get to the front of the line to one of these things.

I have been holding on to a great tailgating tip for quite some time for fear that if this one gets out there in the wild, it will not longer be a secret and will ruin it for me. I then thought about it and told myself I need to stop being so selfish and I need to share this tailgating idea with the rest of your tailgaters.

Tailgating Tip: When you are looking to avoid long lines at the porta-potty, make a trip over to the RV section of the parking lot and use those.

Here is the rationale behind this. Parking lot management companies for stadiums and other sporting venues will place portable toilets in predetermined areas. I tailgate at Qualcomm Stadium frequently and Ace Parking who runs the parking operations at Qualcomm places a single porta-potty under each light pole. (I would encourage Ace Parking to place two units under each pole to give us a tailgaters a break.) Qualcomm Stadium also has a section of the parking lot that is reserved for RVs and those with trailers to park and tailgate. So if you are parked close enough to the RV section, I would suggest you use those rest rooms in that section for shorter lines.

Why would the line in the RV section be shorter than if you just stood in line at the one closest to your parking spot? It’s because most of those RV tailgaters are using their own bathrooms inside their RVs rather than “risking it” with the porta-potties outside. Also, since the RV takes up two to four spaces, that means there are less people in that section.

Less people all using their own restrooms on board their RVs equals virtually no lines at the porta-potties in that section. Of course if the RV section is on the complete opposite side of the stadium from where you are parked and tailgating, it may not be worth the walk. Then again, depending on how long the lines are in your section it very well may be worth the hike.

Of course I know by revealing this tip that I could be killing my “best kept secret” and ruining my short wait times at the portable toilet. Then again it is not about me. This web site is about sharing great tailgating ideas with the rest of you even if I am risking a longer wait in line myself.

Another way to ensure no waiting when nature calls is to get yourself a Bassroom. On top of that, if charge visiting fans to use it, you could end up paying for your parking fees for the day.

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