Tailgating Gear Review: The Bassroom

Bassroom_truck Yesterday we revealed a tailgating tip on how to avoid long lines for the porta-potty while tailgating. The problem with that tip is that if you are not parked close to the RV section, or if the stadium parking lot does not have a special RV section, this technique is useless. You could just go get your own porta-potty and strap it to the bed of your truck but that would be expensive and inconvenient. Or is it?

Although I have been aware of this product, The Bassroom made by Cover Your Bass, it wasn’t until recently when I got the chance to get one of my own. I will admit that after seeing the demo video on how to set it up I was a bit skeptical that it was that easy and effortless. After all, the guy doing the video created the product and has probably unfolded and folded it up a million times. After receiving my own Bassrooom, I found it to be very simple to unfold and set up and just as easy to take down and put away. Take a look at the video to see what I mean. My experience was literally just as easy as you’ll see below.


If you couldn’t tell from the video, The Bassroom is a complete multi-use, portable bathroom privacy system. Truly multi-use, the Bassroom system sets up on the ground, the back of a truck, or on a boat. So now you can avoid those long lines at the porta-potty and you can concentrate on spending more time tailgating and less time waiting to answer nature’s call. Perfect for tailgating, you can also take it camping, boating, backpacking, scouting or just about anywhere you may need bathroom privacy.

The Bassroom system comes with a self erecting cover that is waterproof and flame resistant, a portable toilet and waste bags all stored in two handy transport bags. When it is folded up it fits nicely in any sized tailgating vehicle behind seats or in trunks taking up little space. Also, since it is so compact and lightweight, you could set it up in under two minutes. You don’t have to set it up and leave it up the entire time you are tailgating. Just set it up as you need it because it breaks down and packs away just as easily as it sets up. That sure beats investing a half hour of your tailgating time waiting in line for a porta-potty that could be extremely dirty and be the most foul smelling thing you have set foot into. Some the exact specs of the Bassroom:

Bassroom Toilet Specifications

• The portable toilet stand is made of 1″ steel tubing and double ply 1″ wide nylon webbing for extra strength and support.
• It comes with a regular full size toilet seat.
• The complete toilet system stores in a bag 18″ x 21″ x 11/4″ thick and weighs 7 lbs.

Bassroom Cover/Privacy System
• Made from flexible materials it also has zippered doors in front and back providing cross-ventilation, and easy access.
• 5″ skirting provides more privacy and protection from the wind.
• Measures 72″ x 72″ x 48″ tall.
• The Bassroom cover is made with 12 tie downs. Eight tie downs are primarily for boat use, six of which are adjustable straps with snap hooks. It also comes with 4 mini bungee cords and 4 self-adhesive hooks (if needed) to allow a custom fit to most fishing boats and pick-up truck beds.
• An additional four tie downs are corner tie downs which allows optional method of securing the Bassroom cover to the ground.

My recommendation is that if you are tired of spending more time waiting in line for the porta-potty than you are spending tailgating, you need to get The Bassroom. It is easy to set up, easy to break down and is a much faster way to take care of business. I have a Bassroom of my own and I would suggest you seriously consider adding one to your regular tailgating kit.

For the remainder of football season The Bassroom is currently sale priced at $99.95 plus $15.00 shipping within the United States for the entire system. Visit CoverYourBass.com for more information, purchase details, videos and product reviews.

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