She Can Stand Up Too

To be honest I am not sure if I am more amazed or freaked out by this post idea.  No doubt after reading this post you will probably have the same reaction.

It’s not often that my wife will come to a Phillies or Eagles game with me.  She is understanding that the tailgates and games are my time with buddies or with dad.  But since I love the woman, when a ticket becomes available she is always my first choice.

We always have a good time at the pre-game tailgate.  But honestly it could be better (and no I am not digging myself an early grave with that comment).

The downside of tailgating with my wife is that she hates to use the porta-potty.  Because of this she either limits her boozing or we are forced to end the tailgate early to head inside the stadium to use the stadium restrooms.  Oh the things you do for love!

Her biggest reason for hating the porta-potty (which I am sure she shares with millions of other women) is having to sit or squat while going #1.  She could deal with the smell, but no way she is risking any part of her body touching the toilet!

When browsing the internet for creative Christmas gifts I came across the answer to this problem, the P-Mate.

“A portable, disposable device that allows women to pee standing up wherever and whenever they need to, without losing their dignity or risking unhygienic and unpleasant public restrooms.”

Sounds like a brilliant idea to this fan, well if you can stand the fact that your wife or girlfriend is standing up to go #1.  But it does solve a HUGE problem for women when it comes to using a portable bathroom at a tailgate, picnic, or out camping.  No more ending tailgates early!

The price is less than $5 a pack and the P-Mate is easily disposed of.  And as the website says it makes a great Christmas stocking stuffer.  And if she gets offended, well just use the old gag gift line.