Tailgating Tales: A Little Too Hot

TRASHFIREImage by Scamperator via Flickr

Everyone loves a good tailgate.  Everyone love a good tailgate story.  No doubt that everyone also loves a good story about a tailgate gone bad.

Time to break out the blooper real and share this fan’s goof.  In the end, my moment of stupidity was nothing more than a brain fart and only added to the enjoyment of the day’s tailgate.  No injuries, no wasted food or booze and no missing any game action.

It was last football season and the tailgate was going great.  Ribs and shrimp (wrapped in bacon!) were the main courses.  There was plenty of beer to drink and shots of Southern Comfort to add an extra notch of fun (and stupidity).

In all the excitement, my buddies and I lost track of time.  Before we realized what time it was there was only about 30 minutes before kick-off.  Unfortunately for us we still had a full tailgate to pack up and a long trek up to the stadium.

Guys will be guys so we did a half-assed job of packing up the supplies and threw everything into the van.  My job was to clean up the grill and dispose of the garbage.  Simple, right?  Wrong!

In my rush, I emptied still lit coals into the garbage bag.  As my dumb ass began walking to the dumpster, the bag began to catch fire.  In my panic I threw the trash against the wall of an abandoned truck building and of course just starred at my stupidity in embarrassment.

But no worries, we tailgaters are a resourceful bunch.  A group of fans saw the burning trash and were able to put out the flames.

Good thing the guys had water to extinguish the flames, right?  Not quite.

No, the guys instead took turns urinating on the trash.  Oh, Philadelphia how I love thee!  But the bathroom break solved the problem and I guess for the guys it was better than waiting in line to use a Port-a-Potty or missing kick-off to stand in the stadium bathroom line.

So I guess when it doubt, just use the tools God gave you to solve a problem!

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