New Series: Tailgating Tales Launched

BALTIMORE - SEPTEMBER 16:  Baltimore Ravens fa...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

We are starting a new feature here on called Tailgating Tales. In a nutshell it will be stories, amusing anecdotes and other nonsense from your tailgating experiences. We want to hear from you how a good tailgate party went from good to bad or just flat out something really funny happened.  Of course, the staffers will be the first to take the plunge and will be sharing their funny and embarrassing stories of a tailgate gone bad. (Earlier today Chris shared his story of how a hasty Philadelphia tailgate party packing job resulted in a trash fire being extinguished in a rather unusual manner.)

If you have a tailgating tale that would be amusing and you would like to share it with tailgater nation, feel free to contact us and tell us about it. If it is funny enough, your story just might end up here on the pages of giving you tailgating immortality. Fire away and tell us your tailgating tales.