Santa Claus is a Tailgater

Santa_Beer_drinking Yep, the Jolly Fat Man loves his tailgating.  Don’t believe me?  Well how do you explain…

  1. Have you seen the beer belly on the guy?
  2. He likes the Porta Potty.  I mean have you every heard your toilet flush on Christmas Eve night?  The jolly fat guy has to be be “going” some where!
  3. With an army of elves at his disposal, he has no problems getting the best of the best tailgating games.
  4. The man is from the North Pole.  He’s just gotta be a fan of the Frozen Tundra.
  5. In a single evening he cosumes like a billion glasses of milk and plates of cookies.  For an eating pro like him it’s an easy switch to ribs, sausage, burgers, and beer.
  6. I don’t recall ever seeing a fee for sleigh parking…Free Parking in the lot!
  7. When you travel from the North Pole to the USA it shows that there is no rush to get back to the wife.  Time for a post-game tailgate!
  8. The old line, “Come sit on Santa’s lap” makes him the best wing man ever with the ladies!  Though I am not sure how well the “Ho, Ho, Ho” line will go over with the opposite sex!
  9. If you see him in your lot, you know your team has a chance this year.  Santa doesn’t visit the bad teams (sorry Rams, Lions, and Browns!)
  10. Most importantly, the man is a frequesnt visitor of