Bear Pong – Super Sized Beer Pong

This new tailgating game is called BearPong. It is an over-sized game of beer pong that uses buckets and large bouncy balls instead of a table, cups and ping pong balls. Also, BearPong does not necessarily require drinking. If you want to incorporate drinking all you do is just drink from the beverage in your hand. That way there is no way for parking lot authorities to crack down on the game because it is not directly tied to the consumption of alcohol. Take a look at their video they put together.


As you can see in the video, it is easy to play because about 95% of tailgaters already know the rules to beer pong. Bear Pong closely follows those rules with several key changes. The most important being that you no longer need a table to play. Also you don’t have to drink beer out of cups after a bunch of other people already have.

A regular Bear Pong kit will run you $59.95 and that includes 12 BearPong Buckets, 2 Bearpong Balls and 1 Carrying Case. The Deluxe BearPong kit will cost you $64.95 and includes everything that the regular kit has but also includes a third BearPong Ball and a ball inflation pump.

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