Rhino Wipes

Rhino Wipes Review

Paper towels at a tailgate party are a staple. Normally buying a bulk of paper towels at your local discount warehouse store can get you by for the season. But tailgating messes tend to be a bit more, well, messy than those in your kitchen. A stronger and more durable way to clean up your tailgating messes is what you need.

We recently were introduced to Rhino Wipes. When we were first contacted by the folks at the National Wiper Alliance (stop snickering you immature jackasses…) we were a bit skeptical. Paper towels are paper towels. How can Rhino Wipes be such a big improvement?

Truth is, Rhino Wipes are not plain old paper towels at all. The Rhino Wipe is a durable reinforced canvas tote and refill wiper that can attach to wherever you need a wiper to clean up, wipe face/hands, maintenance, etc. The tote itself can attach to convenient places including your pop-up tent leg, the handle of your cooler, Beer Pong Table legs along with plenty of other places at your tailgate space.

The Rhino Wipe itself is much stronger than normal paper towels as well. Upon receiving a sample of Rhino Wipes, we put them to the test to see how durable these things are in a real tailgating environment.

YouTube video

As you could see in the video, Rhino Wipes are much stronger than paper towels when wet or dry. The canvas tote also makes it much more convenient to dispense one wipe at a time from an area that is more convenient than placing them on a flat surface. Getting a single wipe with every pull cuts down on waste which helps the environment.

The canvas tote also is useful when not tailgating. Home uses in the garage or in the backyard BBQ area are natural fits for a wipe that is durable and easy to dispense. The snaps on the tote allows you to attach it to the back of your headrest so passengers in the backseat can access them. A great way to keep your car clean especially if you have kids in the backseat.

The name Rhino Wipe was no accident. Rhinos embody creatures that are tough and rugged, much like these wipes. But it goes beyond just the name. A portion of every sale of Rhino Wipes go to the International Rhino Foundation.

Rhino Wipes are available on Amazon. 75 wipes along with the tote will cost less than $14.