BagRack Review

BagRack Because tailgating is a “temporary party” in the parking lot, tailgate parties tend to produce a lot of trash and recyclables. Many tailgaters opt for disposable products like plastic cups and paper plates because of the convenience factor of not having to bring them home. But with increased convenience comes an increase in trash and with increased trash comes the issue of disposing of it all.

A lot of tailgaters will just bring a trash bag from home and tie an end to a door handle or try and drape it off of a bumper. Others may just lay it on the ground and hope that as it gets full, the weight of the trash will prevent the bag from blowing away in the breeze. All of these techniques need improvement, especially with keeping the top of the bag open for ease of placing refuse in the bag. This is one of the main reasons why we tested and reviewed The BagRack.

Disclaimer: We received samples of the BagRack for free. The fact these samples were provided to us in no way influenced our opinion of the product nor did it impact our ability to test and review the product fairly and objectively.

Simply stated, the BagRack is designed to keep open any type of bag with handles. Grocery bags or kitchen trash bags are the preferred type of bags the BagRack was designed to hold.

All you do is affix the BagRack system to any non-porous, flat surface using the engineer grade suction cups. The arms can be mounted from the top, front, and even underneath any smooth surface. Once one of the arms is in place, “measure” the distance you want the other side of the bag to be on and then place the other arm and suction cups in the general area. Once the two arms are in place, take your bag handles and tuck them into the arms and it will hold your bag open for you. We put together a quick demo video testing out the BagRack.


If you chose to skip the video, we can reveal that the BagRack did pass with flying colors and we found it to be a great addition to our tailgating kit. The BagRack is definitely “Tailgate Approved”.

We plan on using our BagRack systems on the side of our SUV while out tailgating; one for trash and one for recyclables. Normally while tailgating when someone would finish their aluminum can, we would crush it with our foot and then sooner or later “the Can Man” would come by and gather up our empties. At home I have a can crusher in the garage and we save and recycle our aluminum cans for cash. I always lamented not bringing home the cans we used while tailgating and wondered how much money I was essentially donating to someone else who would in turn recycle those cans. But because we did not have a separate bag for recycling and another for trash, we would leave them for someone else to pick up and recycle. Now that we have the BagRack, we plan on having one big kitchen trash bag for the paper plates and paper towels and using a grocery bag to hold all the crushed aluminum cans so we can bring them home to recycle later.

Take a look at this video the manufacturer of the BagRack did showcasing all the different ways you can use the BagRack.


So you want to get one? The BagRack system costs under $10 plus shipping and handling and can be ordered online via their website: