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Tailgating by nature tends to produce a lot of refuse. Using disposable items while tailgating can be convenient yet hard on the environment. We discovered some attractive, disposable trash and recycle bins that would be perfect for your next tailgate. Clean Cubes.

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As you saw in the video, Clean Cubes are a complete trash solution, composed of a plastic trash liner adhered to a paper bin. Its instant setup and easy cleanup solves the problem of trash or recyclable build-up at parties, events, and many other situations. Clean Cubes are made from 50% recycled paper and is patented.

One of the things that always irks me when I am out tailgating is that my recyclables tend to stay behind in the parking lot. Invariably, the Can Man liberates my empties and keeps my tailgating space free from clutter and crushed cans, but he (or she) ends up getting the money for the recycling. If I could keep those cans separate from the regular trash and recycle them myself, at the end of the year I might get enough money back to buy something cool… like another 30 rack of beer.

When we first received the samples of Clean Cubes, I immediately thought these would be great for recycling our cans while tailgating. They pop open easily just like a grocery store paper bag but the plastic liner sticks to the sides and stays open. Once done and ready to pack up the tailgate, we simply removed the plastic bag from the outer bag and placed the crushed cans in our vehicle. (When we tested Clean Cubes this weekend, it was raining in San Diego and the paper portion of the Clean cube was not salvageable.)

The concept of Clean cubes is not really groundbreaking or revolutionary but makes trash and recyclables collection easy and convenient. Set up and breakdown time while tailgating is precious so the less time you have to devote to setting something up and taking it down, the better. The samples we received are designed for tailgating complete with footballs on the bag. There are other designs of Clean Cubes that can fit a home party, picnic or other times you may just need another receptacle for your trash and/or recyclables.

The three pack of Clean Cubes from Amazon will cost $14.99. The majority of the other patterns offered cost less than $10 for the three-pack. The halloween designs cost about the same as the tailgating design.

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