Aardvark NCAA & NFL Team Straws

Dallas Cowboys Aardvark paper drinking straws

We tailgaters and sports fans alike, we love to show our team spirit in numerous ways. Forget about the clothing you wear while tailgating. That’s passé. We like our team spirit to cover everything from our tablecloths, party cups, plates, napkins, even a football helmet snack bowl with our team’s logo. Bud Light recently introduced NFL Team-Specific Cans that contain the logos and slogans of 28 NFL franchises. It stands to reason that tailgating nation would want an officially licensed drinking straw that sports the colors and logos of NFL and NCAA teams.

Aardvark Straws has come out with a line of paper drinking straws that are not only eco-friendly but sports the colors and logos of most of your favorite teams. These durable, chlorine-free paper straws won’t decompose or bleed into your drink and are better for the environment than regular plastic straws. Regular plastic straws do not sport your team’s logo either. If you are in a battle with your tailgating neighbors on who can be the bigger fan, we’re willing to bet if you hand them your parking lot famous jungle juice with an LSU Tigers Straw sticking out the top, they will concede defeat on the spot.

Available in many popular NCAA teams, Aardvark paper drinking straws are officially licensed and contain the official logos of the teams. Aardvark also offers straws of all 32 NFL franchises. So when Johnny Football drops out of rehab, he can hit the Gin & Tonic out of an officially licensed Cleveland Browns Eco-Flex® Paper Straw. Thanks Aardvark!

We had the opportunity to test out the Aardvark NCAA & NFL drinking straws at home and while tailgating. You can see the photos we posted on Instagram here and here. After testing these drinking straws thoroughly, these Aardvark straws are “Tailgate Approved”.

A package of 24 drinking straws will cost $5.25 if purchased directly through aardvarkstraws.com online store. Aardvark Drinking Straws on Amazon are also available.

For more information or to purchase some for your next tailgate, visit: aardvarkstraws.com.

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