Even Your Filthy Mouth Can Be A Fan With Jersey Naps

JerseyNaps_OklahomaNapkins while tailgating are crucial unless you have no issue entering the game with BBQ sauce caked underneath your fingernails. You are a true fan and grabbing the 100 count package of napkins at your local supermarket just won’t cut it. No, you need to support your team all the way down to the way you wipe your mouth. JerseyNaps to the rescue.

JerseyNaps are napkins folded to look like a sports jersey of your favorite team. (I am sure your napkin origami is spectacular but leave this one to the experts, okay Akira Yoshizawa?.) They come in packs of eight and many of the most popular NCAA teams are represented from the University of Alabama to the University of Wisconsin. They even have basketball themed napkins for traditional basketball schools like North Carolina. Not all NCAA football schools are available but many of the most popular schools that play in the BCS conferences like Oklahoma, Florida State, LSU, UCLA, Michigan, etc.  are on sale.

Check out the news story KQDS-TV, Fox 21, in Duluth, Minnesota did on JerseyNaps.


As of right now JerseyNaps come in college team colors and logos only and no NFL or Major League Baseball themed napkins are available. At a cost of $3.19 per 8-pack ($0.40 per napkin) you may want to keep them hidden from the super messy eater and encourage him to use the roll of paper towels instead.