Review: Spicebox Whisky

SpiceBox Whisky
I recently had the opportunity to sample Spicebox Canadian Spiced Whiskey, and became an instant fan.

Opening the bottle, there is the distinctive aroma of vanilla. It’s not overwhelming, but definitely there, and I was anxious to pour and taste.

First taste over ice reminded me of Spiced Rum, but with more of a “kick”, and with additional flavors of cinnamon and ginger peeking through. It struck me as a perfect sipping whiskey for somebody looking for a milder, sweeter alternative to regular whiskey or rye, or as an after dinner pour.

Since it did remind me somewhat of Spiced Rum, a summer favorite of mine with cola, I next tried mixing it with cola. I was treated to a much more flavorful and potent Spiced Rum, or in this case, Spiced Rye and Cola.

It also reminded me of another favorite, Vanilla Cola, but in this case, 80 proof Vanilla Cola!