Heating Up the Tailgate

For those of us east coast tailgaters tis the season for colored leaves and colder temperatures.  And on a day like today extreme winds!

The change in season means it’s time to change up the tailgating routine.  Time to start layering the clothes (this is why we buy jerseys a size or two too big!).  And time to start changing up the tailgating menu.  Well, not the actual menu, time change up the beverages that accompany the food.

No I haven’t lost my senses.  I am not recommending that you stop drinking beer or even that beer shouldn’t remain your first choice of beverage.  Instead I am suggesting that the beers need a beverage buddy.  That buddy is some coffee.  And the best buddy of the coffee is good, old, always reliable hard liquor.

Hot coffee drinks are a welcome treat for the fall and winter tailgates.  Coffee is warm and coffee with alcohol is twice as warm!  To get the necessary bonus of taste to your alcoholic coffee you need the right flavor in your liquor.  Over the years I have discovered that the below liquors are the best to add to your tailgating coffee.

Kahula: Adds a sweetness and roasted flavor to the coffee.  It works equally as well with hot chocolate (better than marshmallows!).

Amaretto: Adds a nice almond flavor to your coffee.  However the almond flavor can be lost if your coffee is too strong.

Frangelico: Adds a hazelnut and vanilla flavor to the coffee.

Grand Marnier:  Adds a orange flavor to your coffee.  Becomes even better with some orange zest!

Irish Cream:  This is probably the most obvious of additions.  The cream blends perfectly with the coffee and has the smooth taste of whiskey!

My favorite alcoholic coffee drink is the Night In Florida.  It’s perfect for a winter tailgate and it mixes 4 of the above liquors (Kahula, Frangelico, Grand Marnier, and Irish Cream).  Click HERE for the recipe.

And as a reminder, these coffee combinations are for the parking lot not for the morning commute to work!