Bottoms Up – Irish Whiskey Style

Various Irish whiskies. Picture by Cafeirlandais.Image via Wikipedia

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day weekend we will skip the focus on tailgating and go right to the drinking.  But no worries drinking equals tailgating so we are still OK.

You say St. Patrick’s Day, well I say Jameson Irish Whiskey.  For all you experienced drinkers (Hi Dad!) go for the shots or go for the Jameson on the rocks.  For the rest of us (including this tailgater) we might need a little mixture.  So lets go with

– Dirty Irish Whiskey

1 part Bailey’s® Irish cream
1 part Jameson® Irish whiskey

Mix in a mixing cup with ice and shake. Pour through a strainer, and drink.

Irish Catholic

3/4 oz Jameson® Irish whiskey
1/4 oz amaretto almond liqueur

Pour ingredients in equal parts into a shot glass, and serve.

Irish Energy

1 oz Jameson® Irish whiskey
3 oz Red Bull® energy drink

Pour both the Jameson Irish whiskey and Red Bull into a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Shake and pour into an old-fashioned glass, and serve.

Irish Pecker

3/4 oz Jameson® Irish whiskey
1/4 oz lime juice

Fill up an old fashioned shot glass with 3/4 oz. of Jamesons Irish Whiskey, top off with 1/4 oz. of lime juice, garnish with a lime twist, and serve.

James the Evil Leprechaun

2 oz Jameson® Irish whiskey
1 oz Bushmills® Irish whiskey
1 oz Tullamore Dew® Irish whiskey
1 oz Powers® Irish whiskey

Combine Irish Whiskey’s into a shot glass, serve and drink.

Jenna Pop!

1/2 oz Jameson® Irish whiskey
1/2 oz Pepsi® cola
1 cherry

Pour the whiskey into a shot glass. Add cola, eat cherry and consume.

Have a great weekend!  This tailgater will be drinking with you (going with the Dirty Irish Whiskey).  It’s our own form of March Madness!