Drink Up: Corralejo Tequila and Zaya Rum

Dave approached me with the following question a few weeks back, “Would you like some free booze”?

Dave, why are you even asking such a question?!?  Go ahead and send it along!

So free booze this fan was getting.  More specifically I was given the opportunity to sample Corralejo Tequila and Zaya Rum.  Yes, the life of a tailgating writer is a tough one.

I am usually not one for the hard liquors, but in addition to receiving the rum and tequila samples I was given two mixed drink recipes.  And after a few previous “not so good” experiences with tequila shots, my preference was definitely mixed drinks and nothing straight or on the rocks.  Below are the recipes for the drinks:

Corralejo Classic Margarita
– 1 1/4 oz Corralejo Tequila
– 1/2 oz Fresh Lime Juice
– 1/2 oz Triple Sec
– Dash of Lemon Juice
– Blend or serve on the rocks.  Garnish with a lime.

Zaya Mulled Cider
– 2 quarts apple cider
– 2 cloves
– 2 cinnamon sticks
– 4 shots Zaya Rum
– Optional garnishes: Mugs rimmed with sugar, orange twists, freshly grated nutmeg, or whipped cream
– Directions: Heat cider with cloves and cinnamon. Pour a shot of rum into a mug and fill with cider.

With last night being the NFL season opener and then having off from work today I was able to make the drinks (with my buddies agreeing to purchase some of the other ingredients). The end result was two very tasty drinks, a nice buzz that helped us get through an otherwise boring game, and some new recipes to carry into the upcoming NFL season (either at home or down in the parking lot).

The Corralejo Tequila has a nose of white and pink peppercorns with citrus hints and a palate of spearmint, citrus and agave flavors with a smooth, crisp finish.  The citrus flavor made this tequila stand apart from other tequilas I’ve had before.

The Zaya Rum has a nose of vanilla and butterscotch with a palate of honey, bourbon, and caramel flavors.  Pretty damn tasty in the cider mix and warmed from the crock pot!

And the best part of all was that all the liquor remained in the body and I am good to function (and write!) this Friday afternoon.  I am now all set for college football, the Eagles home opener on Sunday, and for repeating these drinks throughout the upcoming season!