Tailgating Product Review: Grab ‘N Pour

Ah, yes. The 2 liter bottle of soda. A staple at almost every tailgate party.

2 liter bottles are great for tailgating. They are a large quantity in an easy to transport container. They are more economical than cans or individual bottles. The one bottle cuts down on waste and is easily recyclable. The one thing that isn’t so friendly about the 2-Liter bottle for tailgating is actually pouring and using them.

The problem with 2-Liter bottles is the thin plastic is easily collapsed when picked up or squeezed. This creates difficulty when picking it up and can easily slip out of your hand when tilting it over to pour. Usually people end up having to use two hands to hold the bottle to keep it steady. Not terribly convenient while out tailgating when normally one hand is already holding a plate of food.

We recently discovered the Grab ‘N Pour. Simply stated, the Grab ‘N Pour is a handle for a 2 liter bottle that makes one-handed pouring easier. Take a look at their video and afterwards, we put the Grab ‘N Pour to the test.

YouTube video

As you can see in the video, Grab ‘N pour is a removable plastic handle that slides over the top of a 2 liter bottle of soda and allows you to pick it up with one hand without fear of dropping it or it slipping out of your hand. It is reusable in that once the bottle is empty, remove the Grab ‘n Pour, place it on the next bottle and recycle the empty bottle. If you normally have a number of soda bottles available at your tailgate party, I would suggest getting a number of these so your guests can help themselves without fear of spilling or wasting.

It is no secret that I have two young kids at home. One just turned four and the older one turns six in May. As you know, kids’ hands are not as big and definitely do not have the strength or grip of an adult’s hands. A kid picking up a full 2 liter bottle and pouring it without any adult supervision is just begging for a huge mess and a lot of spilled and wasted soda. The first thing I noticed when testing the Grab ‘N Pour is that if there are kids normally at your tailgate party, the Grab ‘N pour would definitely be a “must have” for your tailgating kit.

Grab N Pour Kid

After testing the Grab ‘N Pour we found it to be very useful in making picking up and pouring 2 liter bottles fast and easy. We even tested it while holding a plate of food in one hand to simulate a real tailgating scenario. After testing it out we are definitely going to stamp the Grab ‘N Pour “Tailgate Approved”.

The Grab ‘N Pour comes in four different colors, white, blue, red and green. If you want to buy one individually, they run less than $3 a piece. The four pack of assorted colors is less than $10.

For more information on Grab ‘N Pour, visit their website at, you guessed it, grabnpour.com.

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