Portable Stump Game with handle by Stump Crafters

Portable Stump Game by Stump Crafters

When it comes to tailgating games, cornhole and beer pong still dominate the parking lots. But what about that game you may have seen with people flipping a hammer and pounding nails into a tree stump all while holding a beer? Sure, it sounds a little hillbilly but a hell of a lot of fun.

Simple and basic in its name, “Stump” seems to be gaining traction in the tailgating lots. As simple as the name of the game is, the game play and rules are just as simple.

What you will need is a hammer, a stump of wood, nails and beer. Check, check, check and check. Now, the goal of Stump is to flip a hammer in the air and then, in one motion, drive your opponents’ nails into a tree stump. If your nail gets hit, you take a drink. (It doesn’t get any more redneck than that unless you are on Tinder at the family reunion.)

Winner is the one who has his/her nail head still above the level surface of the stump. But seeing how everyone is taking a drink each time a nail is hit, everyone will be a winner by game’s end.

We recently had the chance to check out the Portable Stump Game by Stump Crafters and thought a video demo would be a good way to showcase not only the game play and rules of Stump but the Stump Crafters portable stump game as well.

YouTube video

In the video, you saw that the Portable Stump Game by Stump Crafters is a manufactured block of wood that is round like a tree stump. By placing the handle on the side, this portable stump game is easily transported to any tailgate party, backyard BBQ, frat house, the beach, etc. We installed the bottle opener on the opposite side of the handle to make it easier for players to open a new bottle of beer while playing.

The beauty of the game of Stump is you do not have to play the “Last Nail Standing” rules described above. There are other hammer and nail games you can play and if you purchase a Portable Stump Game by Stump Crafters, the stump game comes complete with a handbook with suggestions of other games.

We really enjoyed the stump game by Stump Crafters and find it to be “Tailgate Approved”. The feature we liked the most is that once one side of the stump is completely filled with nails, you flip it over to the other side and you can now play until that side is completely filled up.

Some features of the Portable Stump Game by Stump Crafters:

  • 100% Hand Crafted In The USA
  • Holds 9+ Lbs of Nails
  • Heavy Duty Handle
  • Weather Resistant Finish
  • Play on any flat surface

Purchasing your own Portable Stump Game by Stump Crafters will cost $55. $20 shipping and handling and this item ships in a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate box so you can track your package en route to your next tailgate.