Tailgating Games to Play

Hot girl playing beer pongEating and drinking seem to dominate the tailgating experience. What if good food, good drink and good conversation is not enough? A good list of games to play while tailgating is hard to find. So we decided to compile one that includes some of the more popular and unique tailgating games we have seen in the parking lots over the years. Here are a few suggestions on how to keep yourself entertained while the meat is cooking on the grill.

    • Tailgate Toss – a.k.a Cornhole game
    • Washers – a.k.a Texas Horseshoes
    • Beer Pong – a.k.a. Beirut, Rut, Lob pong or Scud
      • (We recommend the Port-o-Pong portable beer pong table.)
        • (Don’t know how to play beer pong? Here is a great video example of Beer Pong rules and techniques for Beer Pong 101. Feel free to skip to 1:45 into the video for all the info you will need.)
    • Blongo Ball – a.k.a Hillbilly Golf
    • Flippy Cup a.k.a. Flip Cup depending on your part of the country
      • (Not sure how to play flippy cup? Here is a video example of how to play it while tailgating.)
    • Boat Racing a.k.a. ‘Anchor Man’
      • (Very similar to flip cup but this game is just straight drinking without having to flip your cup onto the table. Instead of flipping the cup you would turn your mug upside over your head to show you have finished your beer. Watch this video and see how it is done like the pros.)
    • Quarters
    • Dominoes
    • Nerf Football
    • ESPN All Sports Trivia Challenge
    • Frisbee