Stump Kickstarter Campaign

I am sure you think you have seen every tailgating game there is out there in the parking lot. Most tailgating games are tossing games that require you to throw an object at some sort of a target that has different scoring areas. Cornhole, washers ladder toss and Polish Horseshoes all fit into the description. But have you ever played the tailgating game Stump?

We have seen this game played on numerous videos we have come across online and the game is pretty simple. Get a tree stump, get some nails and a hammer, gather some friends, everyone needs to have a beverage in one hand and you can start playing. Nails are placed around the stump and each player lays claim to the nail they want to be the “theirs”. The object is to pound everyone else’s nail flush into the stump while the nail that is the last to remain sticking out is the winner. The hammer is then tossed and caught and depending on the difficulty of the toss will determine how many hits that player gets in that round. Then the hammer is passed to the next person and the game goes until all nails except for the last one are completely hammered into the stump.

The tailgating game stump has not gained popularity and wide acceptance because of the logistical nightmare that the game can present. Finding a tree stump is one of them. The second is cutting the stump to a manageable size and also transporting it can be a hassle. Lastly, the sheer weight of a stump can make it impossible to transport.

We recently discovered two guys on Kickstarter that are trying to make the tailgating game stump more manageable and portable. Of course since it is a Kickstarter campaign they are going to need some pledge funding to get this portable version of stump off the ground. Take a look at their Kickstarter video.

If you think this would make a fun tailgating game for you and your crew, check out their Kickstarter project page and pledge some dough. Best of luck guys.