Book Review – The Book of Beer Pong

book-of-beer-pong Whether you believe that beer pong is good or bad for the overall image of tailgating, the fact remains it is rapidly gaining on cornhole as the game of choice in the tailgating lots. So if the game is so prevalent and widespread there has to be an “official rule book” to help settle disputes and eliminate confusion, right? I recently had the pleasure to get a copy of The Book of Beer Pong and I found it to be informative, entertaining and loaded with humor.

The Book of Beer Pong: The Official Guide to the Sport of Champions By Ben Applebaum and Dan DiSorbo is jam packed full of research and knowledge condensed down into less than 200 pages. Divided into 10 chapters (cleverly monikered “cups”), The Book of Beer Pong covers all aspects of the sport of beer pong. (And yes, I agree with the authors, it is a sport.) From the basics of the game to the history and evolution of the sport to what we have come to recognize in the tailgating parking lots, The Book of Beer Pong is just getting warmed up. The meat of the book included the proper and accepted equipment one needs to covering the rules and even the variations from regional rules to some off the wall “house rules” you may encounter. Chapter Six lays out the skills you’ll need including shooting styles, ball grips, feet stances and ball flight paths. Chapter Seven unveils “The Flair” that is inherent to the game of beer pong including trash talking, hand and body distractions, accepted celebrations and even trick shots. Chapters Eight and Nine covers what it takes to turn professional and details a number of stories of unforgettable beer pong matches from the past. The final chapter, Cup 10, is the most comprehensive glossary of beer pong jargon and vernacular. I found this chapter to be the most useful in a real beer pong game atmosphere to understand the beer pong culture.

Whether you are a novice beer pong player or consider yourself to be a seasoned veteran, you are bound to learn more about the sport of beer pong by reading this book. If you are just starting out, this book will help you gain respect and acceptance quicker if you know the rules and the lingo that comes along with the sport. If you know the difference between “the Gentleman’s Rule” and “the Elbow Rule” you are less likely to viewed as a “Fish” and more likely to be asked to play again. After reading this book you’ll know to ask about any quirky House Rules or if leaning is allowed before starting play. A knowledgeable player is a better beer pong player and The Book Of Beer Pong will make you the most informed beer pong player out there.

Outside of providing unparalleled knowledge on playing beer pong, the authors have taken a lighthearted approach to writing the book. Beer pong, although it can be extremely competitive in some circles, is after all mostly played for fun. I found myself laughing out loud during sections of the book. I could tell the authors have invested years dedicating themselves to learning all they can about beer pong but their exhaustive research did not dampen their sense of humor. From cover to cover, the book was exactly like the game of beer pong, fun.

The Book of Beer Pong is not only an outstanding resource but is the most comprehensive guide on a sport that is gaining popularity by exponential leaps and bounds. When it comes to your next beer pong game, there needs to be three things on your table… cups, balls and The Book of Beer Pong.

The Book of Beer Pong sells for $15.95 is available now at your local neighborhood bookstore, national chains, and specialty stores like Spencer Gifts and Urban Outfitters. You can also buy it online at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Amazon or directly from the publisher Chronicle Books. For more information visit,