Pit Boss BBQ Tool Belt

To be 100% honest I was very skeptical when I first pulled the Pit Boss BBQ Tool Belt‏ out of the Fed Ex Box.  My first thought was, “yeah, I am going to look like quite the odd ball if I sport this thing in the parking lot.”

BBQ Pit Boss Utility Belt

If you are a frequent visitor of this site and of my posts you know that I have been wrong many times before.  Yep, I was wrong about the Pit Boss BBQ Tool Belt‏ too.

Usually I do pro sports tailgating only.  Being from the Philadelphia area, this is the norm.  But this Saturday I was offered free tickets to the Temple / Penn State game.  This guy loves a good local match-up and is NEVER one to turn down a free ticket.

Even better was the fact that I was going to the game with a large group of college friends (11 in total).  This is nine people bigger than my usual Sunday, Eagles tailgate.   After my RSVP of yes for the ticket, I thought, this is the perfect time to test out the Pit Boss BBQ Tool Belt.  To show my gratitude for the invite, I would offer to be the Grill Master for the tailgate.  My offer of manning the Grill on Saturday was accepted with no questions asked.  Of course it was. Now the others could drink and eat more!

Before lighting up the grill I brought out the Belt.  There were no laughs. Instead just a bunch of “What the hell is that” and “Dude, can you really keep a beer on your belt” questions.

The tailgate menu consisted of your typical sausage, burgers, chicken, and ribs.  Yes, all my tailgating time would be spent in front of the grill.  But honestly, I didn’t mind after I set-up the Belt.  EVERYTHING was within a finger’s reach.

And when I say everything was on the belt, I wasn’t lying…

  • BBQ Sauce (Yes, I was lazy and just went bottled sauce)
  • Old Bay Seasoning for the chicken (trust me; it’s not just for fries!)
  • A Cold Pumpkin Beer was kept in “The Chamber” (a sealed and insulated pocket designed specifically for holding a beer).  For those of you that like to double fist the beers the belt has multiple insulated beer pockets!
  • A “speed” bottle opener for opening the beers of others as they gave you their grill orders (Yeah, I guess I was the bartender too; I was really earning that free ticket!).  Always being a simpleton, I was most amazed by the fact that the opener was attached to a retractable reel.
  • A place to hang my tongs, fork, and spatula.  Yep, all hanging right from my belt.  I may have looked a bit silly, but there was ZERO need to leave the area in front of the grill.  EVERYTHING was in one, single, easy to access place…my Belt!

As an added bonus…because I wasn’t at an Eagles tailgate I wasn’t wearing a Jersey.  Instead I just wore a Blue sweatshirt (to support PSU).  My point here is that I could care less if I became a slob as I cooked.  BBQ sauce, grease, spilled beer…bring it on, it’s just a $10 Hanes shirt.

Despite my best efforts to slob it up, I really couldn’t because the BBQ Pit Boss Utility Belt also has a “Chow Chap Leg Protection System.”  In Human terms…the Belt had a golf towel attached to it for wiping your hands, face, and any other areas that got some sauce / dirt / liquid on it.

So as you can see I walked away from the tailgate very impressed with the Pit Boss BBQ Tool Belt‏.  Everything you need to be a kick-ass Grill Master is right there attached to you!

Yes, the product was provided as a free sample to me, but the “freeness” only impacted my Saturday plans and not this review.  So go check out the site.  You can read further details about the product (including its fabric construction and double-stitched seams!) and order one while the College and NFL tailgating season is just beginning!

***The belt also makes a nice championship belt for the king of that day’s tailgate beer pong game!