GoBar Featured on KTLA Morning News

If you live in Southern California and watch the KTLA Morning News, chances are you saw Stacy Cox from Pampered People and her segment about tailgating. Cox, a regular contributor on Dr. Oz, the Marie Osmond Show and KTLA, featured the GoBar Portable Tailgating Bar on KTLA this morning. The GoBar comes in it’s own carrying bag and gives you your choice of three different skirt wraps including classic black, tiki themed and football field gridiron for those hardcore tailgaters.

GoBar Black Skirt

When Stacy Cox contacted us about the GoBar Portable Tailgating Bar, she also noticed tons of great products that are perfect for tailgating. From the Hitch-N-View hitch mounted TV bracket to the Frost Boss that spins a warm can in ice for two minutes and makes it ice cold without foaming over when you open it. Stacy Cox would have loved to feature more of our tailgating products but with such a short segment she couldn’t possibly do justice to all the cool things like the Beer Belt or the RoboCup.

So if you saw Stacy Cox’s segment on KTLA this morning and thought the GoBar Portable Tailgating Bar was cool, check out all the other cool stuff we have to offer as well. You never know what you will find and what is out there that you have always been missing to complete your epic tailgate party.

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