One Man’s Perfect Sunday Meal

friedsnickersIt’s opening weekend in the NFL.  Unfortunately for some of us the home team isn’t home, but we are.  No worries. The home tailgate can be just as kick-ass as the tailgate down in the lot.

Call me cheap, but if the home team is away, I’d rather watch the game at home.  More specifically, I’d rather watch the game in my Man Cave.  And honestly if your man cave is truly a man cave, the game day experience may even rival that of going down to the parking lot.

Here is one fan’s perfect at-home Sunday menu…

– Start with the traditional menu item of chicken / buffalo wings.  But make your own sauce.  And make this sauce.  The name “Greatest Buffalo Chicken Wing Sauce” doesn’t do it justice.

– The next appetizer is a hoagie, but without the roll.  Instead it’s the Ultimate Hoagie Dip.  The dip goes great with slightly toasted bread coated in a little olive oil.

– At this time it’s either almost kick-off or early into the 1st quarter.  Time for the main course.  To limit interruptions during the game I prefer of course, something that tastes good but also something that is easy to serve and guests can dish out themselves.  The answer is Beer Chili.  For this recipe I add an extra half can of beer (I go with Sam Adams Lager) and a generous helping of jalapenos (canned jalapenos are fine and easy to dice).

– It’s half time so you have some free time.  Now is the perfect time to add something healthy (though it really isn’t) to the menu.  I’m talking about some Grilled Pineapple.  Adding the chopped macadamia nuts makes the snack outstanding!

– After all this food I am not big on fitting in dessert.  But if you do have a sweet tooth may I suggest this recipe for Deep Friend Mars Bars.  My preference is to use Snickers bars.

With all this good food make sure you aren’t drinking some cheap, crap beer.  Since you aren’t dishing out $7-$10 for a single cup at the stadium, splurge and get yourself a quality 6 or 12 pack.

And after the game ends you are all set to drift off into your food coma.  And when you awaken it’s time for Sunday Night Football and to tackle the leftovers… this time alone in your man cave.

The perfect Sunday indeed!