Thanks For Making Me Hate Mondays

The word “rough” doesn’t even begin to describe the past work week.  Good news is that a 1pm kick-off awaits me on Sunday.  Bad news is that because there is a home game this weekend I am somehow going to hate next week even more than then past week.

Why Football Sundays Make me hate Mondays even more…

  1. The most obvious, it’s 8am on Sunday and you are drinking.  I am quite sure that Human Resources would frown on this liquid breakfast at the office.
  2. When you don’t like a player or coach’s performance you can boo them (or worse!).  If you don’t mind losing your job and living full time in the parking lot you would be wise not to respond this way to your boss when he hands you yet another assignment.
  3. Tucking in a Jersey is an absolute no-no.  Not tucking in a dress shirt is a no-no.  I hate to tuck in my shirts!
  4. A morning bagel in the car while stuck in rush hour traffic or wings, ribs, sausage, and chips.  It is a crime to even have these two meals in the same sentence.
  5. Waking up too damn early for a morning workout on the treadmill.  I prefer my morning exercise to be the walk from the parking lot to the stadium with a beer and a cigar.
  6. It’s a lot more fun to hear the guy sitting next to you in the parking lot or stadium break down the game then listening to your cubical neighbor talk about her weekend book club meeting and Kohl’s savings.
  7. Overtime at the game makes you want another beer.  Overtime at work makes you want to…see item #2 above…gotta keep your emotions in check.
  8. Parking lot eye candy and cheerleaders.  Even typing such words at the office could result in a trip to Human Resources.
  9. The game ends, the home team wins, your emotions are high, and it’s time for the post-game tailgate.  The Monday work day ends, your boss is still your boss, your emotions are low, and you cannot believe you still have 4 more days until the weekend!
  10. It’s worth 2 spots…instead of grabbing a second cup of the crappy office coffee you are reaching into the cooler for a second beer.

Treasure and cherish each and every football Sunday.