Gotta Go? Go UroClub

We all know that someone.  It could be a friend, a co-worker, or just that person that you hate.  That someone is the someone that has money to burn.  That someone is the someone that is buying random gadgets that you really don’t need, but are still pretty cool to have.

That someone to me is one of my co-workers.  That random gadget that belongs to the co-worker is the UroClub.  Now pause, take a look at the word…what could such a product be?  Yep, it’s a golf club that you can piss in to.

See you probably don’t need a UroClub, but it could be pretty damn useful.  The product was of course designed for a golfer(and created by a Board Certified Urologist) who is out on the course, the course is too nice to take a piss on, and there isn’t a public restroom for a few more holes.  With the UroClub your bathroom problem is gone.

When you have to “go” you unseal the cap (i.e., the top of the golf club), clip the privacy towel to your waistband, and then let it “go” into the reservoir that is built into the grip of the golf club.  Easy, clean, leak proof, and discrete.  The clean-up is just dump out and rinse.  My co-worker has used the product several times over the years and has experienced zero issues or zero times being caught in an awkward situation.

My recent conversation with my co-worker got me thinking (as my wife says, that’s a scary thing!).

Why not bring the UroClub to the tailgate.  It eliminates having to waste time standing in line at the Porta Potty, secretly peeing on a building wall in the far corner of the lot, or using a car door as a shield as you pee into an old fishing bucket.  Instead just bring out the club, do what you gotta do, and others will think you are just playing some new tailgating game!

As this guy’s bladder is always bursting at the wrong times during the tailgate my UroClub has already been ordered.  Look at me being that someone!

Hall of Fame Pitcher…Hall Of Fame Tailgating Friend:

I came across the below piece on Nolan Ryan while on the web yesterday.  It’s  nice to see an Owner more concerned with the fans / tailgaters that making a few extra bucks.  $5 saved is $5 more towards another 6 pack!

Rangers co-owner and club president Nolan Ryan better be careful: His fellow owners are not going to like his recent actions. It seems Ryan, unlike most owners in pro sports, isn’t out to screw his loyal fan base. You see, the Rangers had raised the price of parking at their stadium from $10 to $15 before the ALCS. When he found out, Ryan not only ordered the price go back to $10, but he even gave refunds to the fans who paid $15 for Game 1. Major props to Ryan, and if the Rangers were playing any other team than the Yankees, I’d be rooting for them.

Cover Your Bass

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