A True Golf Supporter

I’ll admit it, this post might be more weird news than tailgating news.  Regardless it’s still an idea worth sharing, especially since I already wrote about the Winerack (yes I am a breast man).

A quick walk around the parking lot on game day and you will see tailgaters playing all sorts of games.  There is beer pong, cornhole, or even some Madden 2010.  Well for you tailgaters / golfers this next item or game is for you.

Have you ever wanted to bring a little, portable putting green to the lot?  A ball, some turf, a putter, and a hole.  Sounds like the making of a few good drinking games to this fan.

Well if you like this tailgating (or picnic) golf idea than the Nice Cup in a Bra is certainly right for you.  Yep, the Japanese have once again put their thinking caps on and given us a “bra that can be removed and unrolled into a putting mat.”

If the mat wasn’t enough, the lingerie comes with golf balls, tees, a skirt, and a recording that tells you “Nice Shot.”

Such an idea allows for more food, more beer, and a bigger grill when packing up your car or truck.  But if you still aren’t digging the idea, well maybe you should then hope that your fellow tailgaters are (well at least the good looking ones).

Because once the putting mat comes out, the “girls” come out , and it’s free eye candy for the rest of us.

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