Mind Map Your Tailgating Music

music-notes-thumb118788.jpgHaving good music at a tailgate party is just as essential as having good food, good drink and good friends. Let’s face it, your taste in music may not be for mass consumption. Professional dee jays understand that the flow from one song to another is just as important as the choice of songs. If you jump from one song to another and the flow is not correct it can kill the whole vibe of your tailgate party. Now through the power of the internet comes a way to eliminate lulls in your tailgate music play list. You can customize it based on mood, energy level, musical genre and even by decade.

I recently discovered musicovery.com which is an awesome tool to create your next tailgate party music mix. Simply select your mood level from anywhere between energetic to calm and from dark to positive. Keep the default setting on all musical genres and find a song you like. You can narrow your choice down by decades ranging from the 1950’s to the present. Still not specific enough? Musicovery.com has 18 musical genres ranging from jazz to blues to pop to rap to country to folk to electronica.

The best part about this site is that it maps the play list for you based on the parameters you set and guarantees you won’t jump from Bring the Noise by Public Enemy to Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Also, you can hear the entire song and not just a 30 second sample you get from other websites. This way you can hear the beginning and the end of the song and hear how it transitions from one to another.

Try it out and load up your iPod or MP3 player with a tailgate party play list guaranteed to keep tailgate party guests upbeat and having a good time.

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