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After years of avoiding it, we have finally caved to the peer pressure. TailgatingIdeas.com now has an official Facebook Fan Page. That means you can “Like” us on Facebook and keep up with us even more closely. To visit the Tailgating Ideas Facebook Fan Page, Click HERE.

After years of resisting, why did we finally break down and make a fan page? Two reasons:

1) The number of Facebook users is quite large and we wanted to reach out to more than just your avid tailgater. The viral and social nature of Facebook allows other people to share information easily and if we can touch and encourage someone to go out and experience tailgating for the first time, then mission accomplished. No matter how much this blog has evolved over the years we strive to accomplish the same goals as we set when first starting. The goal of encouraging people to enjoy the tailgate party lifestyle and to have more fun doing it has always been our goal. So if being on Facebook will help us connect with more people then that is why we are doing it.

2) Having a Tailgating Ideas Facebook Fan Page will allow us to run more contests and giveaways than had we not been on Facebook. For example, in honor of opening up our fan page, we are running a membership drive through the end of the month. If we can reach 500 fans by midnight, October 31st, 2010, we will select one lucky fan at random to receive a free Drill Blender. So simple probability states that if you are a fan and we reach 500 fans before the deadline, you have a 1 in 500 chance of winning it. Not bad and sure beats playing the lottery odds.

So feel free to join us on Facebook and become a fan. If you missed any of the links previously mentioned above you can become a fan by clicking the ridiculously large Facebook button below.

Tailgating Ideas

And for a little Facebook humor, check out these two videos. Be careful. There are some dropping of curse words so you may want to put on your headphones if your boss or kids are within earshot.