New Year, New Look for

Notice anything different? If you are a regular reader you’ll notice a lot of changes. If you are a first time visitor, welcome and take a look around. No matter what kind of web surfer you are has a new look and feel to start the new decade. We hope that this newest redesign will result in a more user-friendly experience and a more enjoyable time you spend on here.

If you are a regular reader of you will remember back in October, we were forced to revamp the website due to switching hosting companies. Although the new look was a good one, it left a little to be desired. With our newest look you will notice that we have a featured video section where we will periodically rotate through interesting videos of people tailgating, commercials for tailgating products or anything else we think you may enjoy. Another change includes a better and higher quality search box. Our last look, the search mechanism was powered by a Google search. The results tended to be unordered and less relavant than what we were hoping. He have tested this new search box and the results returned are more relevant to what you are looking for.

You’ll notice that on top of the home page we have a flash presentation of a few posts that we think will catch your eye or you definitely do not want to miss. These are our “featured posts” and we will update them from time to time as we add more content. Staying on top of the site, we have ditched the header image of the San Diego Chargers tailgating scene we have used over the years in favor of a more “bipartisan” image of some red hot coals under a grill grate. The last major change you may notice is we have added a “Tailgating Tags” section to our sidebar. These tags are frequently used terms in posts we have done over the years. Tags also help readers find more subjects more specific beyond what our regular categories offer. These tags are the most used terms and the size of them reflect the number of times they have been used. As you can see, we have written about beer pong and posted numerous videos over the years.

Whether this is your first time visiting or you have been a loyal reader since we started this thing in 2007, feel free to look around the newly revamped site. Do you like the new look or should be go back to the old one?  Drop us a comment below and let us know what you think. Thanks for visiting and we hope you become a regular if you aren’t one already.