Weekend Wrap #70: Tailgate Practice Edition

news_wrap.jpgIt is the end of June but football season will be here before you know it. And despite the efforts of many of us in the tailgating world to encourage many of you to tailgate more often, football season is still viewed as prime “tailgating season”. Then again, football season, college or pro, goes hand in hand with tailgating. So because tailgating season is coming in August, I decided to get my gear in order in preparation of it.

For baseball season, I removed the San Diego Chargers canopy that was on my pop-up tent and replaced it with my old generic green one. There is nothing more lame than tailgating with gear that supports one team yet you are tailgating at another event. Kind of like wearing your Barry Sanders throw back jersey to the Detroit Tigers baseball game. I also broke out the tailgating games and dusted them off to make sure I was not missing any parts or game pieces. This will ensure that once I am ready to gear up and load up for the first pre-season game of the NFL season, there will be no surprises and disappointments in the parking lot. There is nothing worse than breaking out your tailgating grill only to find that the ignitor is malfunctioning or that your chairs are missing a leg. So take the next few weekends and go through your normal tailgating gear and test things out. A little time spent in the summer will save you some stress come football season.

Now on with this week’s links.

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