Your College Football Viewing Guide For When you Aren’t Tailgating

Money for College SportsPic by Wesley Fryer via Flickr Let’s face it. We can’t go tailgating all the time. Whether it is your favorite team is playing out of town and you can’t make the road trip or you just are too far away from payday, there are a number of things that prevent us from tailgating. For those down times when you aren’t hitting the parking lot and tailgating, you’ll want to catch some college football on the tube.

I recently stumbled across a comprehensive webpage that lists all the college football games for the entire season and where you can find them on TV. Most of the listings will be for stations that are local to that team but I am sure if you spring for the package through your cable or satellite provider you can pull in out of market games. Bookmark the link below. You’ll thank me later.

2008 College Football TV Schedule