Real Deal: Custom Football Goalpost

To be completely honest, when Dave approached me with the opportunity to review a custom football goalpost, I was skeptical.  I just wasn’t sure what value a miniature goalpost would bring to a tailgate.  But as my wife can surely vouch for, my initial thoughts were wrong.  Good for me, and good for you folks reading this post.

To begin this review, I of course, have to let you know that the custom goalpost was provided free of charge to me from  For frequent visitors of this tailgating site you of course had to know that I had the goalpost customized for the Eagles!

I received the goalposts a few months back, however I thought it would look silly to bring them to a Phillies tailgate.  So instead, I waited until the NFL preseason rolled around to unpack the box and put the product together (which was VERY simple to assemble).  My first impression was how real the posts looked, detailed all the way down to the wind flags at the top of each post.  The post pad was high quality vinyl and the base was sturdy enough to withstand my cat running into it as I repeatedly threw his ball through the uprights!

The goalposts made their tailgating debut this past Thursday night at the Eagles preseason game. The product was a hit for my tailgate and for the tailgaters around us.  I guess you could say it was a different type of eye candy to the passing fans (Though I must admit my wife was looking really hot that day so maybe there was a split of the looks!).

So you are now probably asking yourself, do the goalposts have any value outside of a cool visual stimulant?  With this guy’s imagination, of course they do.

  • When we needed to pass a burger bun we passed it through the goalposts.
  • When we needed to pass a condiment we passed it through the goalposts.
  • Beer caps became the new version of a paper football.  Try and flick them through the goalposts.  If you missed you were chugging.

Overall the main benefit of the custom goalposts was the extra “spice” or fun that they brought to the tailgate.  They made our tailgate stick out in a good way.

Even better is the fact that they aren’t strictly a tailgating product.  After Thursday’s game I brought the goalposts into my office.  The goalposts complimented my collection of bobble heads very nicely (yes, I am the office sports guy).  As they did in the parking lot, the goalposts made for interesting conversation in the office.  I even brought them to a project meeting, along with a miniature football, and magically our brainstorming session became a lot more fun.  If your office is a bit more strict than mine the goalposts will also make a nice addition to your mancave at home.

I would definitely recommend the custom goalposts if you are looking for something unique and different for the football fan in your life.  Click on over to their website for additional product details and ordering information. Visit for pricing and shipping information.