Product Review: EZ-Squeeze Jello Shot Cups

(Editor’s Note: This tailgating product review was conducted in 2008. The manufacturer of EZ-Squeeze Jello Shot Cups has informed us that this model of their product has been discontinued and is no longer available. Their newer version cups have not been reviewed by our staff.)

Ah, the Jell-O shot. What would a tailgate party be without the Jell-O Shot? The problem with Jell-O shooters is the cups that are traditionally used leave some of your shot behind. You then either use your finger to dig out the remnants of the stuff left behind or use your tongue to lick out the remaining shot. Or you could master the technique of loosening the gelatin first. Here is a great example of how to get a Jell-O shot out of a small plastic cup.


But what if you’re a tailgating newcomer and haven’t had the extensive training and practice to be able to do that? You might want to try a different type of cup to hold your Jell-O shots. I was recently sent a batch of EZ-Squeeze Jello Shot Cups. The claim is they are designed specifically for Jell-O shots in order to eliminate the digging and waste associated with Jell-O shots in plastic or paper cups.

As you can see in the above photo, EZ-Squeeze Jello Shot Cups are small plastic cups perfectly sized for Jell-O shots. The difference is in the design. These little cups are made to flatten out like an accordion and essentially propel the Jell-O shot out of the cup and into your mouth.

I tested out these little cups for myself and in all honesty, I would say they had mixed results. They performed as advertised in that I would squeeze from the base of the cup and the Jell-O shot would then squish into my mouth. Unfortunately there was still some remnants left in the cups. I was under the impression that the point of these collapsing cups was to avoid all the picking and digging one has to do with Jell-O shots in regular plastic of paper cups. As you can see by the photo I took while conducting my own experiment, there is still quite a bit left in the cup.



I learned a while back that if you use some non-stick cooking spray, like Pam, and sprayed a mist over your empty cups, the Jell-O shots come out much easier. The cooking spray doe not affect the taste at all but just makes the shots slide into your mouth a lot easier. I would imagine this same technique would probably work on EZ-Squeeze cups as well.

The smallest quantity of EZ-Squeeze Jello Shot Cups is a package of 50 that sells for $6.95. A set of 100 cost $10.95, 200 run $21.40, 300 cost $31.95, 400 cups are $41.95 and 500 of them are $49.95.