The Party Bomber

Boiler Makers. Irish Car Bombs. Shoot the Root. Jager Bombs. Depth Charges. No matter what you call them, dropping a shot into a beer or an energy drink is a popular drinking technique while tailgating. Problem is that these types of drinks can get quite messy and more importantly, you loose a lot of your drink if done with an improper technique. Along comes The Party Bomber that apparently helps solve that problem.

Party Bomber

From the image above you can see that the Party Bomber is a small, portable caddy that can handle four pint glasses and then also has an upper tray area that holds the shot glasses. Fill the appropriate receptacles with the mixer or alcohol of your choice, depress the handle and the shot glasses get dropped into the pint glasses all at once. The shield at top helps keep any splash up from sloshing out of the pint glass and onto the ground. Even in a parking lot, no one wants to see the bar rag of shame come out because you spilled half your Boiler Maker with a misplaced dropped shot glass. The video shows the Party Bomber in action.


In taking a look at their website, it appears they not only have the round versions but also have straight line versions as well along with surfboard and snowboard designs too. The cheapest version appears to be the Black Stealth Bomber model which will run you a cool $69.95. If you want to go high end, the F-16 and Flying Fortress Package will cost you a hair under $320.

Admittedly, I have not personally tested The Party Bomber nor have the makers sent me a sample. Because of that I can not personally vouch for the quality or craftsmanship of the Party Bomber much like I can other tailgating gear I have received as a sample. I just found this product to look kind of cool and fun and thought it might spruce up a tailgate party here or there.

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