Poppin Shot Assorted colors

How many times have you been tailgating and someone shouted “SHOTS!” only to not have a shot glass ready and available? If that has happened once, it has happened one too many times.

We were recently introduced to the Poppin’ Shot, which is a collapsible silicone shot glass that is connected to a key chain. This ensures that you will always have a shot glass ready to go, at a moment’s notice, right there in your pocket. Take a look at their video:

YouTube video

From the video you can see the Poppin’ Shot collapses flat and will fit into your pocket without taking up too much room. When it is time for some shots, just pull out your keys, press the Poppin’ Shot out and you are wide open for a single ounce shot of whatever they are pouring. The really fun part is the Poppin’ Shot comes in an assortment of colors so you can not only be doing shots but also sporting the colors of your favorite team.

A small sample of Poppin’ Shots were sent to us in order to thoroughly test and review. Because the concept is quite simple, it was quite a simple review. The Poppin’ Shots were easy to use, popped out nicely, laid flat when not in use and did not feel big and bulky when in the pocket next to keys. The main suggestion I would make is that you rinse out the Poppin’ Shot once done to prevent it from getting sticky. That is not a design flaw of the Poppin’ Shot. That is just the nature of liquor in that it tends to get sticky if the residue of the shot remaining is not washed out.

If you would like more information on the Poppin’ Shot, please visit: www.poppinshot.com. As of press time, the Poppin’ Shot will be available for sale starting in January 2013. Currently, the folks at Poppin’ Shot can take orders via email and accept PayPal if you want to buy some right away. Their online web store is expected to open next month. If interested in getting some for yourself or your tailgating crew, go on their website, contact them and let them know you want to be notified the moment they come available for sale.

As always, please drink responsibly and never drink and drive.

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